Monday, March 15, 2010

Change IS Coming

There are tons of changes going on in the world of football.  Jake Delhomme is changing his jersey to the Cleveland Browns.  Tim Tebow is changing his throwing motion.  LaDainian Tomlinson is changing is home to the New York Jets.  And most newsworthy, Calvin Coolidge High School changed football coaches and she is ready for the job.  Yes, ladies SHE!  Coolidge’s new head coach for its varsity football team is Ms. Natalie Randolph. 

So what do all of these changes mean?  Let me tell you what I think. 

The Cleveland Browns have struggled at the quarterback position.   Jake is the second quarterback that the Browns have secured in one week.  (They also acquired Seneca Wallace from Seattle.)   His two-year deal allows Cleveland to have a veteran lead their offense while developing a young quarterback for the future.  I think we'll see them pick up another quarterback during the NFL Draft.

Tim Tebow is a serious athlete and competitor.  He is trying to do everything in his power to silence all of the naysayers and get drafted in the first round as a quarterback.  You have to love his work ethic.

The New York Jets were pretty close to reaching the Super Bowl this year.   They are pleased with the development of their rookie quarterback, Mark Sanchez, and wanted to have a strong backfield support him.  However, they did not want to pay Thomas Jones’ roster bonus.  Acquiring a veteran like LaDainian Tomlinson gives them another powerful running back in their rotation.  Unlike a rookie, LaDainian will be able to go out on the field and be active immediately.

Coach Randolph leading the Coolidge Colts is simply groundbreaking.  I’m looking forward to seeing what she does with the team.  Yes, ladies change is coming.  Congratulations Coach Randolph! 

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  1. Tebow won the Heisman at 19 and was runner up 2 years in a row. I say you maintain what works. Ask Michael Johnson the 400 M champion of the 90's. Everyone told him to change his upright running style and look what happened.

  2. Good point. Either way, he will have to learn and make some adjustments on any team at the professional level.