Monday, April 12, 2010

Not So Fast On Draft Picks, Vets Are Still Being Traded

The 2010 NFL Draft is a little over a week away, but I can’t get to my first round picks just yet.  Trading season is not over and I think that we might see a couple of moves before the draft that would totally ruin any mock draft.  (Forgive me, my NCAA Men’s Final Four bracket was busted after the first weekend, so I am being a little cautious.)  Now, let’s look at a surprise that could happen among the vets before we start welcoming people to the NFL.

The St. Louis Rams will be on the clock first next week to select the No. 1 Pick of the 2010 NFL Draft.  Clearly, they need a quarterback.  This year’s draft class has several quarterbacks, but none of them are superstars that are ready to take a snap in the NFL and lead their team.  Sam Bradford is the top prospect at this position.  His performance was limited last season because of a shoulder injury.  He could not participate in the NFL Combine, but after his pro day, comparisons to Dallas Cowboys’ Hall of Famer, Troy Aikman, began.   So, it is widely believed that the Rams will get their future quarterback with the No. 1 Pick.

I think that the Rams could shock everyone and acquire Jason Campbell from the Washington Redskins. With McNabb now dressed in burgundy and gold, it is obvious who will start at quarterback in Washington and trading Jason is almost guaranteed.  Jason is not among the elite quarterbacks in the league.  After 5 seasons, it seems as if he is still timid and has not developed into a leader.  In fairness the guy has had to learn a million offensive systems in his short career.  OK, not a million, but if he could have played in the same system for a few years, I think that his development would have been better. 

Comparisons to great people, do not always translate to great performances.  Jason has struggled, but he knows what it feels like to be a quarterback in the NFL.  He has experienced a snap, a blitz and could start for the Rams immediately.  This move allows St. Louis to fill the quarterback position with a veteran, spend less money on a young quarterback later in the draft who can spend a couple of years learning and get another pick or two.  Plus, it will open the door for them to add a skilled player to their defense and use the No. 1 Pick next week’s draft to select …

I’ll tell you next week.

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  1. Do you think Marshall can handle being in South Beach?

  2. On the field I think that he will be a super star. This is South Beach, not Buffalo. As Will Smith said, "so many Dominican women with cinnamon tans." Dolphins fans need to hope that the night life, women and being close to home doesn't cause him to get into trouble that will keep him off the gridiron.

  3. LOL...exactly. Hopefully Holmes won't get distracted in NYC. This should be an interesting season.

    Btw, this is a great site!