Monday, May 10, 2010

Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones Returns To The NFL

Pacman Jones, I’m sorry, Adam Jones is a cornerback in the NFL again.  (Jones stopped using his nickname because it reflects his past and does not represent the mature person he is now.)  After being away from the game for almost two years, he signed a two-year deal with the Cincinnati Bengals.  Now this isn’t Adam’s second chance; it is his third.  He was suspended and sat out the entire 2007 season and the Dallas Cowboys picked him up for the 2008 season.  After an injury and another suspension, Dallas let him go and he was not on a roster last season.

I am shocked that Pacman, darn-it Adam, is going to Cincinnati for a couple of reasons.  First, the Bengals have been cautious to bring on players that have displayed behavior issues.  Last fall they dealt with the death of wide receiver, Chris Henry who had been arrested several times and went to college with Jones.  Secondly, they have a strong defense and don’t need him.  The unit was fourth in the NFL and has some really good cornerbacks including Leon Hall from The University of Michigan.  So, I can’t understand why the Bengals would gamble on someone with Jones’ past who has not played the game in almost two years. 

Jones has said that he learned from his mistakes and is a better man.  He obviously convinced the owners and staff at the Bengals that he has changed.  However, he said that before his, sequel, “Back In The NFL” and displayed that he had not.  Now we’ll have to see if the trequel,  “Back In The NFL AGAIN,” will star Adam Jones or Pacman Jones.  If it’s both, hopefully Adam will get more camera time.

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  1. Hey USA's, we shouldn't be shocked, but that Pacman should have been "blocked" from going to Cincinnati! First, the Bengals should have remained cautious to bring such a player that have displayed questionable & unacceptable behavior. Second, the Bengals should have learned from the late Chris Henry, who also displayed questionable & unacceptable behavior. Last, Hey USA, with a strong defense team that they have; let's say fack-man, and go ahead and smack that wack, Pac-man"! Hack the road Jack-man, but don't you come back no more no more Pac-man!!!

  2. I'm sure he's already shown up at the strip clubs in Cincinnati. He'll be suspended in no time.

  3. Anonymous - I like the use of the word blocked!
    PM - We'll see what the headlines say.