Monday, October 11, 2010

“Perfect Tens” wasn’t so perfect for NFL and College #1s

On the date of Perfect Tens (10.10.10), the Kansas City Chiefs, the last team with a perfect record in the NFL, loss to the Indianapolis Colts and Alabama Crimson Tide, the former #1 ranked team in college football, loss to South Carolina and dropped in the rankings.

We’ll start with college.  The talk is about the SEC (Southeastern Conference) and Big Ten.  The Crimson Tide suffered a crushing upset from South Carolina, 21- 35 and dropped to #8 in the polls.  This left the SEC with two undefeated teams, Louisiana State (LSU) Tigers #7 and Auburn Tigers #8.  These teams will meet on October 23.  It’s tempting to move ahead to their meeting, but before Auburn can focus on the other tigers, they have to get pass Arkansas Razorbacks #12.  Arkansas loss earlier this season to Alabama, but it was a close game.

In the Big Ten, Ohio State Buckeyes #1 and Michigan State Spartans #13 are the only remaining undefeated teams in the conference.  Ohio State looked like they were scrimmaging against a high school team in their 38 - 10 win over Indiana.  Michigan State took advantage of a developing defense and beat Michigan at home 34 – 17.  Everyone is talking about the Buckeyes and Spartans winning or sharing the Big Ten Title, but I don’t think that you can count out the Iowa Hawkeyes #15.  The have one loss against a non-conference opponent, Arizona Wildcats #24.  As a result of the Big Ten’s rotating schedule, the Buckeyes and Spartans will not play each other this year.  However, Iowa will play both teams at home.  So, I think the Big Ten Champ will be determined in Iowa at Kinnick Stadium.

The most important ranking in college football starts next week.  The BCS.  It is the Bowl Championship Series ranking.  It determines who will play in the BCS National Championship Game.  After October 17, it is the only poll that you need to pay attention to. 

OK, on to the pros.

Kansas City was off last week.  I thought their game against Indiana yesterday would show me if they were serious.  The Colts won, but they were not impressive.  The scoreboard was only filled with field goals until the last quarter of the game when Mike Hart rushed into the end zone for a Colts touchdown.  It is embarrassing that Peyton Manning couldn’t get a touchdown pass or 300 passing yards at home.  (Again, the Colts are not playing to their potential.)  However, I have to give some credit to Kansas City’s defense for making Peyton scramble around the field.  The Chiefs are playing well and showing that they are serious.  The strong start also gives them confidence that they can compete. 

The Lions left Buffalo, Carolina and San Francisco in the losers circle.  They got their first win of the season.  It was a 44 – 6 blowout without Matthew Stafford.  Calvin Johnson is good.  REALLY good.  I’ve said it many times, but if he were even on a decent team, he would be a pro bowl receiver.  I think the Lions are better than their record reflects, but Detroiters should not get too excited. This victory was against the St. Louis Rams.  The Rams have pulled out a couple of wins, but they are building around injury prone, rookie quarterback, Sam Bradford.

A few quick hits ladies…
Baltimore’s defense handled business, limited Denver to only 17 points and led the Ravens to another victory, 31 -17.
The Redskins won in overtime 16 -13 against Green Bay who has the 2009 defensive player of the year, Charles Woodson. 
Kevin Kolb played for injured Michael Vick and Philadelphia barely beat San Francisco 27 – 24.
Eli Manning threw three touchdowns and the Giants gave the Houston Texans their second loss of the season.  Final score was 34 - 10.

Time for MNF!
Tonight the New York Jets play the Minnesota Vikings in their second Monday Night game of the season.  A few weeks ago, Brett Favre was throwing interceptions and this match up didn’t seem worthy of a Monday Night game.  Last week all of that changed.  The Vikings have been resuscitated.  They now have 7 time pro bowl receiver, Randy Moss.  Exactly the weapon that Favre needed!  However, Favre and Moss need a couple of weeks to get acclimated to each other, so I’m going with the Jets tonight.

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  1. I think Brett and Randy have been around the league long enough that they don't need time to gel, it will be automatic. Additionally, Randy is excited about going back to his old team.

    I have the Vikings winning by 10+

  2. Calvin johnson was a pro bowler last season

  3. The lions could easily be 4-1. They got robbed in the chi, they lost two close ones in philly and green bay

  4. Calvin was not a pro bowler last year, but he was an alternate in 2008. I think that the Lions are a better team than their record reflects. Stafford being out has hurt them. However, good teams win close games.