Monday, June 27, 2011

Michael Vick’s past still haunting him

The NFL Network has been counting down the Top 100 players of the NFL 2010 Season voted by current players.  Yesterday, they revealed the 20th player down to the 11th player.  I was amazed to see Michael Vick at #20.  Number 20 is not justified for a guy who was not supposed to start and ended up not only starting, but also carrying his team to the playoffs. 

I’m not disturbed by Vick’s placement among his counterparts at the quarterback position.  Landing at #20 puts him in the Top 5 among quarterbacks.  Aaron Rodgers is#11.  Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Peyton Manning are sure to be unveiled in the Top 10.  All of these guys are Super Bowl champions.  For some reason even though football is a team sport, a player’s skill level gains more respect with a championship.  So, it is to be expected that they would rank higher than Vick.

What is alarming to me is that when you take the quarterbacks out, there are 15 other players who are ranked higher than Michael Vick.  I have respect for all positions, but it isn’t a secret that the NFL is a quarterback driven league.  So how does a defensive end on a team that is ranked #23 in total defense rank higher than Michael Vick?  DeMarcus Ware is a beast.  He had 80 sacks, but the Dallas Cowboys didn’t even make the playoffs. 

I believe the ghost of Michael Vick’s past reared his head once again.  It is the reason that after a remarkable season he was not the league’s MVP, was runner up in the Madden 2011 cover contest and is now #20 on the NFL’s Top 100.   Michael Vick saved his team.  The same can’t be said for many of the guys in front of him.

The final 10 players will be presented on Sunday on the NFL Network at 8 p.m.  EST. Who do you think will be #1?

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  1. Who were 11-19? Can you make an argument for Mike Vick against all of those players. Mike Vick and 1 or 2 Hall of Fame type games this season. Other than that he played well. 20th sounds fair. I'm not sure I'm buying your argument...

  2. Yes, it is alarming that when you take the quarterbacks out, there are 15 other players who are ranked higher than Michael Vick. Of course it's not a secret, but a well know fact, that the NFL is a quarterback driven league. Also, most NFL fans know that Michael Vick is the victim of "PLAYER-HATERISM" (PH)...
    With PH, there are no rules & regulations, instead it's just deep-seeded envy, ignorance, insecurity, jealousy, and much more!