Monday, August 15, 2011

NFL Preseason

I do not get into NFL preseason games.  They are not real games.  They are not even exhibition games.  They are expensive scrimmages that mean nothing.  The 2008 season solidified this for me.  The Detroit Lions went undefeated during the preseason that year.  Then with key player positions still intact, they did not defeat one single opponent during the regular season.  Yes, they were 4 – 0 when it did not matter and 0 -16 when it actually counted.

How does this happen?

Teams are not fully executing their game plan.  They are trying out some guys before forming their final roster at the end of August.  Players are not playing to their full potential.  They are saving it for the season.  No one wants to get injured during the preseason.  The starters who are going to run the show during the season will only play for a few drives.

I’m not totally blasé about the preseason.  After going through withdrawals, it is invigorating to see a game.  It is refreshing to see your team back on the field.  You feel good seeing that a player who had surgery during the offseason has rehabilitated well.  You also get pumped seeing a glimpse of the rookies in a game setting.

I just want to warn you all that it is not an actual game, so you have realistic expectations.  Now, if someone is marching around the office making bold predictions after one preseason game, you can remind them that it’s only the preseason and suggest that they not get too excited.

The first week of preseason games concludes tonight with the New York Jets playing the Houston Texans in Reliant Stadium at 8 pm.  We’ll see if Plaxico Burress still has it after being away from the game for two years.

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