Monday, September 19, 2011

Panthers need some D to win

It is so trite to say it, but I cannot help it.  Defense wins championships.  In football, those who have it stop teams in the redzone and deflate loud stadiums.  Those who don’t, well to say it again, don’t win championships.  

Look at the Green Bay Packers and Carolina Panthers game yesterday.  Rookie Cam Newton is putting up record numbers.  In both of his NFL games so far he has thrown over 400 passing yards.  He threw 432 passing yards against the Packers.  This was over 100 yards more than those of the opposing quarterback, Aaron Rodgers who had 308 passing yards. 

Those are impressive offensive stats, but they have not netted the Panthers a win.  The difference between Green Bay and Carolina is defense.  The veteran squad led by 7-time Pro Bowl corner Charles Woodson intercepted three of Cam’s passes.  The Packers won 30 – 23.

The long passes, great catches and fast runs are just nice stats if you do not win.  The Panthers must step it up on defense to get their first win.

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