Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NFC East is consistently inconsistent

After free agency, before the preseason began, the Philadelphia Eagles leading the NFC East was unquestionable.  Michael Vick was back.  He was healthy and had a year under his belt as a NFL starter again.  On defense, Philadelphia signed the most sought after corner back, NnamdiAsomugha.  This was supposed to be the recipe for success.  The result does not taste too sweet to Eagles’ fans.  It is a very sour 4 – 6 record that has Philly in third place in the NFC.

The bright side for Philadelphia is that they are in the NFC East.  No one in that division has played well consistently this season.   Just when it looked like the Giants were going to pull away and take the lead, they fall to the Philadelphia Eagles.  This puts them on a two-game losing streak.  They are tied with Dallas (Cowboys) for the top spot in the division at 6 – 4.  Dallas is the opposite of New York.  They are on a three-game winning streak.  The teams will play on December 11 at Cowboys Stadium.

The Eagles could still reach the playoffs.  It is amazing that a team that has only won four games going into Week 12 is still in the hunt to win their division.  But, considering the performance from the other teams in the division, it is possible.  They beat the Giants and the Cowboys.  Last year the Seattle Seahawks made the playoffs with just a 8 - 8 record.

With Vick’s return uncertain, I don’t think that the Eagles are going to win their remainig games this season.  I think that the NFC East will come down to Dallas and New York.  In addition to their meeting next month, they will play each other the final week of the regular season in New York.

The final team in the NFC East is the Washington Redskins.  All of the inconsistency in the division is not going to help them.

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