Thursday, February 2, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI: Giants on defense

The Giants defense has one goal: stop Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady.  Giants defensive end Justin Tuck summed it up at media day when he said, "I think it starts with hitting him [Tom Brady], even when you don't actually get sacks, just keeping people around him so he can't step up.”  That is exactly what the Giants’ defensive line must do.  In Super Bowl XLII, they were able to sack Brady FIVE times and still only won by a field goal.

The Giants secondary has to cover and tackle the Patriots tight ends, Ron Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez.  Tight ends are bigger than receivers and generally catch shorter passes, so they are more difficult to take down and Brady does not need a lot of time to get the ball to them.  The Giants linebackers will have to help.

Probable starters and key players on the Giants defense:

Tackles and Ends
Linval Joseph (#97 Defense Tackle) – Continued to improve throughout the season.

Chris Canty (#99 Defense Tackle) – Good against the run.

Jason Pierre-Paul (#90 Defense End) – Strong ability to rush the passer.  

Justin Tuck (#91 Defensive End) – Played well this season despite injuries. 

Mathias Kiwanuka (#94 Outside Linebacker) - He used to be a defensive end, so he can help rush the passer. 

Chase Blackburn (#93 Middle Linebacker) - Joined the Giants in the middle of the season. 

Michael Boley (#59 Outside Linebacker) -  Runs well, should help the secondary cover the tight ends. 

Corey Webster (#23) – Best player on the Giants secondary. 

Aaron Ross (#31) – Started in Super Bowl XLII as a rookie.

Kenny Phillips (#21 ) – Had a personal career high of four interceptions this season.

Antrel Rolle (#26) – Talented, but inconsistent. 

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