Monday, May 30, 2011

Game around my favorite game

I can’t believe that we are here.  No minicamps.  No workouts with coaches.  No rookie symposium.  No free agency.  The only thing coming up is another court date.  This Friday, June 3, the NFL and some of its locked-out players will travel to St. Louis, Missouri to present their arguments at the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

This is the game eclipsing my favorite game.

Greed.  Politics.  Disrespect.  Greed.  Ego.  Courts.  Greed.  

Yes, nice playbook.  What victory has it gotten?  Surely nothing for the fans who built professional football into the most popular sports league.

On the day that our nation celebrates and shows gratitude to all of the members of our military who died during service, I only have one comment about the NFL lockout.


Are the owners who own billions truly fighting to get more money in the most profitable sports league? 

Is leadership more focused on posturing instead of negotiating a collective bargaining agreement?

Are NFL owners really demanding that the players do more work and accept less pay?

Is the NFL honestly claiming broke after securing the largest media contracts ever AND guaranteeing the money if there was a lockout?

Are the owners seriously asking the players to believe their purported financial distress without opening their books?

Do the players genuinely feel like using the court is the only way to resolve the labor disputes?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes.  I hope that the NFL owners and players get it together.  I understand that it is business, but if they continue with the playbook they have been using, they will lose millions in dollars and fans.

My request is simple.  Stop playing games, so I can enjoy my game. 

Thank you.


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