Monday, May 23, 2011

What’s wrong with NFL players enjoying a snow day?

In this era of instant communication, anything that a celebrity does or says is quickly broadcasted to the masses, analyzed and manipulated.  This includes NFL players.  During the last month, several players have been called out for comments that many people interpreted as their satisfaction with the NFL lockout.

Baltimore Ravens’ Ray Lewis commented, "To me, this is probably the greatest window of opportunity I've ever had in my life. It's been 25 years of my life that I've never had a summer to myself."  New England Patriots Wes Welker said, "Let's do a lockout every year.”  Both comments were used by the NFL in court to demonstrate that some NFL players were excited about not working.

New Orleans Saints’ Reggie Bush tweeted, “Everybody complaining about the lockout! Shoot I'm making the most of it! Vacation, rest, relaxing, appearances here and there! I'm good!”  After over 1.6 million followers responded angrily, Bush explained that he was joking and basically told everyone to calm down. 

I believe that the players want to go work.  They were at the doors trying to do their jobs during the few days that the lockout was lifted last month.  They are organizing to prepare for the season without direction or a facility.  However, like most people, I think they can appreciate a good snow day every once and awhile.   Who hasn’t smiled because they unexpectedly got some time off of work? 

I’m not mad at the players.  I’m just annoyed that I’m not talking about rookies in mini camps.  Herm Edwards, ESPN Football Analyst and former NFL player and coach said it best, “We’re on SportsCenter talking about him (Reggie Bush) tweetin’ instead of football! That’s bad!”

I couldn’t agree more.


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