Monday, July 25, 2011

CBA almost done, time for free agency

Last week NFL owners agreed on a proposal and ended the lockout.  Now we are waiting for the players to agree and officially bring back football.  The league year, free agency, training camp and possibly a supplemental draft could all start within days.  This is going to be one crazy week. 

There is so much going on.  I don’t know where to begin.  I feel rushed, but I think the most important topic behind signing a new CBA will be free agency.  So, let’s look at three free agents that everyone will be watching.

1. Nnamdi Asomugha (Oakland Raiders cornerback) – He is 30, but still could upgrade a team’s secondary.  So, all 32 teams should be interested in him.  The team that could really use Nnamdi is the Houston Texans.  Their defense was last in defending passes.  A cornerback, who only allowed 52 passes to be completed against him in the last three seasons, would definitely help out.  I think that the Texans will get him. 
2. Santonio Holmes (New York Jets wide receiver) – The Jets want to keep Holmes.  Rumor is that Dan Snyder (owner, Washington Redskins) would pay big bucks for Holmes. The Jets were too close to a Super Bowl last year to let a key piece of their offense leave.  I see Holmes staying with the Jets.

3. Braylon Edwards (New York Jets wide receiver) – Another great receiver the Jets had in their arsenal last season.  When the Redskins are not successful getting Holmes, they will go after Edwards.  I think the Redskins will go deep in their pockets, but I think the Jets will be able to sell the benefit of keeping the core intact to get to the Super Bowl.  Rex Ryan (Jets Head Coach) wants a championship.

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