Monday, July 11, 2011

Ohio State please stop the charade

Ohio State punished their football program for playing ineligible players by vacating their 2010 season.  In my book this really doesn’t mean anything.  So… the records will say that they didn’t win any games last season when they actually did?  Come on.  Everyone remembers the games.  People know what points were scored.  I don’t know how Ohio State considers this self-imposed penalty enough for the infractions committed by their players and coach.

Punishments are supposed to deter programs for committing the offense again.  Vacating wins from one season will not discourage any player from selling memorabilia or any coach from covering it up.  This does not even show that Ohio State is seriously contrite about the situation.

I should not be surprised.  This is the same program that gave out suspensions last December to players’ for the first five games of the 2011 season.  The suspensions were not effective immediately because they wanted their star players to play in the Sugar Bowl.  They also waived the $250,000 fine that they threw at former coach Jim Tressel for lying about the scandal.  On top of that they are now giving Tressel money for “retirement.”  Can’t you see how furious Ohio State is?

If Ohio State really wants to show that they are not only embarrassed about what happened, but will not tolerate it; they need a harsher punishment.  Forget a past record.  It’s already in the books and removing it does not change what happened.  Ohio State needs to lose some scholarships and not be eligible for a bowl game. 

Ohio State’s act of disappointment and outrage is not fooling me.  I don’t think that it is convincing the NCAA either.  Their hearing before the NCAA Committee on Infractions in Indianapolis is scheduled for August 12.  I’m sure more penalties are to come.

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