Monday, October 3, 2011

Comeback victories expose weaknesses

Yesterday a couple of games that began as yawners, ended up dramatic.  The Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles both dominated their opponents the first half of the game.  Each of them was leading by 17 points entering the second half. They literally put me to sleep. 

I woke up and everything changed.  The fourth quarters were so good, I sat in my bed starving and fighting a cold because I had to watch the outcomes of both of these games.  I am still amazed at how they squandered their huge leads and lost.  To make it worse they were both playing at home.

In Dallas, Cowboys Stadium welcomed the Detroit Lions.  At first, Cowboys Defensive Coordinator, Rob Ryan was feeling proud about his team completely stopping Lions QB Matthew Stafford and wide receiver Calvin Johnson.  They prevented the duo from scoring the first three quarters of the game.  Detroit’s defense woke up in the third quarter; got two pick sixes (an interception returned for a touchdown) and ignited their teammates on offense.  In the last quarter, Stafford, who was playing in his hometown connected with Johnson twice for touchdowns.  The Lions won 34 – 30.  They go back to Motown 4 – 0 tied for first in the NFC North.

The  Philadelphia Eagles hosted the San Francisco 49ers at  Lincoln Financial Field.  Eagles QB Michael Vick, had an unbelievable game.  He had a career-high 416 passing yards and coupled it with 75 rushing yards.  Eagles defense and specials teams wasted it all.  Specials teams missed two field goals less than 40 yards and the 49ers took advantage of an Eagles defense that still has not harmonized.  After being down 23 – 3 in the third quarter, the 49ers fought back and won 24 – 23.  They head back to the West Coast at the top of the NFC West alone with a record of 3 – 1.  Meanwhile the Eagles still have defense problems and have only won one game this season.  

There is a saying that the game is won in the fourth quarter.  This was certainly true for the Lions and 49ers yesterday.  Hopefully, the Cowboys and the Eagles got the message that the game does not end at half-time. 

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