Monday, February 22, 2010

2010 NFL Combine

The NFL Combine starts this Wednesday in Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium.  As I said last week, it is time to “Go to Work on the 2010 Season.”  The lucky college football players that were invited to the NFL Combine are getting ready for one of the most exciting, yet intense experiences of their lives.  They are going to spend a couple of days being tested, measured, drilled and interviewed.  Over 600 NFL personnel will watch the players complete drills specific to their position, but here are the workout drills that are measured.

1.    40-yard Dash - This is the most popular event at the Combine.  Players are timed running 40 yards.  Like track sprinting events, this drill is all about speed.  After this week, you will hear a lot of people refer to the “40” of draft prospects.
2.    Bench Press – This test is for strength and endurance.  Players bench 225 pounds as many reps as they can.  This will show who really spent time in the weight room in college.
3.    Vertical Jump – Players stand straight up and stretch their hand to the sky.  The measurement of this point is the reach.  The player then jumps to hit a flag.  He must jump without running or rocking.  The difference between the reach and the flag is the measurement for the “vertical.”  This will show scouts the strength of the lower body.
4.    Broad Jump – This is like a long jump without running.  Players stand and jump frontward as far as they can.  This is not only about the distance. The key is landing and not falling.  Scouts are looking for good balance.
5.    3 Cone Drill – Players run around 3 cones in an L shape and back.  This is to test an athlete's ability to change directions at a high speed.
6.    5-10-5 – The actual name is the Shuttle Run.  Basically the player has to run 5 yards to his right and touch the yard line, run 10 yards to his left and touch the yard line, then run a final 5 yards to the right to finish.

I have never attended the NFL Combine, so I asked a couple of my friends to share their feelings on the process.  Of course they are Michigan Men! 

"I was very excited when I received my invitation to the NFL Combine. Considering, 70% of the players that get invited are drafted, I felt as though I was another step closer to my dream of playing pro-football.  The process of interviews, medical examinations, and test of physical and mental ability was a unique and fascinating experience.  It was tough, but I'm happy and fortunate to have participated in the process."

“As a student athlete you understand anytime you are invited to the NFL combine you probably have a 70% chance of being drafted so it is an exciting experience at first. Once I was there, I realized how extreme the entire process is because the league and teams do a top level investigation digging deep into your background. This includes family life, kid, law suits, drug usage, academic standing – EVERYTHING!  Of course there are some players who have a longer rope to hang themselves. For example, I remember taking a long questionnaire test for the Atlanta Falcons. I had already taken probably 5 test at the time for other teams and I was mentally exhausted considering each test will take as long as 1 hour. After 40 minutes into my exam Curtis Enis (who was a running back from Penn State and 1st round pick for the Chicago Bears) comes into the room and starts his test. Dude finished within 10 minutes, got up and dipped out. He didn’t read a single question.  Those Falcon scouts were pissed, but it was hilarious!

While the guys with the coveted invitations to this year’s Combine are making sure that they are in great shape, I am too!  I have called on the expert, Pete Leibman, at BetterFitness BetterHealth to help me “go to work on Heels Helmets 2010 Season.”  Just as the NFL season starts with the Combine this week, I’ll be starting my training.  Are you going to work on your 2010 Season?  Come on ladies, we need to make sure that we are looking good in our heels this summer!  Let's get to work!

Don't forget you can watch the Combine on the NFL Network.  I'll keep you updated on twitter, so follow me @heelsnhelmets.


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