Monday, February 8, 2010

WHO DAT with the Lombardi Trophy?!

Congratulations to the Super Bowl XLIV Champs, the New Orleans Saints and MVP, Drew Brees!

That was an exciting game!  While it was not the offensive shootout that I was expecting, it was one of guts and persistence.  It was a battle that kept me interested the entire game.

We all know that Drew had a stellar game.  He completed 32 of his 39 passes and had two touchdowns.  He entered the second half of the game with composure as if the first half did not matter.  It is also easy to notice that the defense truly stepped up.  Maybe they were feeling neglected by all of the talk about the strength of the offense, but they demonstrated that they are a factor on the team.  Just look at Tracy Porter's interception in the 4th quarter that really ended the game.

So, I want to highlight the Saints' Special Teams.  You know I believe that this unit can make or break a team.  I had a feeling that one of the Special Teams would make their team and fans feel very special.  That is exactly what the Saints' Special Teams did.  Coach Payton made a courageous (and shocking) move when he called for an onside kick to start the second half.  Thomas Morstead executed with the poise that he is known for.  The rookie kicked 12 yards and the Saints recovered.  This was the real game changer.

The Saints now had momentum and confidence.  The offense boldly came onto the field and started the drive that ended with their first touchdown of the game.  This set the tone for the remainder of the game.  As always, half of it is what you do and the other half is how you think.  The Saints had the skill set, but they were not assertive until the second half.  That change in mindset started with Special Teams, so I had to give this unit some special attention.  The New Orleans Saints' Special Teams receives the Heels Helmets first Super Bowl REAL GAME CHANGER AWARD.   Congratulations!   

Heels Helmets

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