Monday, February 1, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV: When the Saints are On Offense

Super Bowl XLIV is going to be all about offense. The Saints offense is a scoring machine! Our NFC Champs can pass the ball, run the ball and score touchdowns. Let me show you just how well they do it.

There are 32 teams in the NFL. After the regular season, the New Orleans Saints were #2 in passing yards (number of yards gained from throwing the ball), #7 in receiving yards (yards gained by the receiver running after catching the ball), #6 in rushing yards (number of yards gained from running the ball) and #1 in touchdowns. They were the #1 Offense in the NFL this season.

The Saints offense is led by Quarterback, Drew Brees. He can throw the ball and he has a couple of threats to pass the ball to. He has led the Saints to two NFC Championships games, but this is his first Super Bowl. So, he is hungry for a title!

Here is a look at all of the players that will most likely start on the Saints Offense next Sunday. (Go Back to our article on Offense Controls the Game to review the roles of each player.)

Drew Brees (#9) - Coming off of a strong playoff performance without any interceptions. (I show him a little love because he comes from the Big 10.)
Jonathan Goodwin (#76) - Strong veteran and Michigan Man. (Go Blue!)
Guards and Tackles - They block well! Drew has time to pass and the Running Backs have space to run.
Carl Nicks (#77) - Left Guard
Jahri Evans (#73)- Right Guard
Jermon Bushrod (#74) - Left Tackle
Jon Stinchcomb (#78) - Right Tackle
Wide Receivers
Marques Colston (#12) - The guy to watch. He catches all over the field and led the Saints in catches and yards.
Devery Henderson (#19) - Catches long passes, but has a reputation of being inconsistent.
Robert Meachem (#17) - Great catcher, but has a sprained ankle.
Running Backs
Reggie Bush (#25) - Very fast and avoids tackles, but has not been consistent since his knee injury.
Pierre Thomas (#23)- Led Saints in rushing yards.
(Reggie should start, but if he is not playing well this week, Pierre will start.)
Tight End
Jeremy Shockey (#88) - Injury left him out of the Giants' Super Bowl, so he wants to make an impact. Not sure if he will because he didn't do much during the playoffs because of sore right knee.
Tomorrow we will look at the men that will attempt to stop this scoring machine - The Colts' Defense.

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