Saturday, February 6, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV Champs Are...

This Super Bowl is going to be a high scoring game!  As you saw this week, both offenses are superb with very talented quarterbacks.  This game is about the #1 Offense going against the #2 team in passing yards.  So you can expect that they both will put up a lot of points.

Many people think that this game will only be about the offense.  I am excited to watch because I know that Drew and Peyton are going to put on a great show!  However, I agree with Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant and still believe that defense wins championships.  The teams are equally matched up on defense.  While both defenses have struggled this season, it did not stop either team from reaching the Super Bowl.  The Saints have an All-Pro Free Safety, Darren Sharper to watch out for Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon.  The Colts have an All-Pro Defensive End, Dwight Freeney who is #3 in sacks in the league and will focus on chasing Drew.   Whichever defense steps it up gives their team an edge.

So, with equally matched teams, who does the advantage go to?  I don't have "a team."  I just enjoy watching the game.  If this were the regular season, I would just pick the team with the most former Michigan players to have someone to cheer for.  However, these two teams are equal there too!  The Colts have Mike Hart (Running Back) and Marlin Jackson (Defensive Back).  The Saints have Jonathan Goodwin (Starting Center) and Adrian Arrington (Wide Receiver).  Congratulations guys, GO BLUE!

With anything, I believe half of it is what you do and the other half is how you approach it.  I think that the Super Bowl Champs will be the team that has the experience and the right mentality.  This will allow them to be poised under pressure.  This team is focused and understands that business for this season is not over until Sunday, the championship game.  This was displayed when they won their conference title.  One team celebrated as if the goal had been accomplished.  This mind set will cause them to feel proud just to be in Sun Life Stadium.  The other team did not celebrate as if they had reached their goal.  They were enthusiastic about another win, but ready to prepare for the next game.   

So, the 2010 Super Bowl Champs and winner of the Vince Lombardi Trophy are the Indianapolis Colts with a final score of 42 - 35.

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Enjoy watching the game!

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