Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV: Colts Are On Offense

The AFC Champs, may not have the best defense in the NFL, but their offense more than makes up for it.  The Colts have one of the best offenses in the league and it is centered around the 2009 NFL MVP, Peyton Manning.  Peyton is a great quarterback who is blessed with a great line that protects him.  One problem for the Colts offense is their running game.  While they were #2 in passing yards this season, they were last in rushing.  However, their passing game is so good that even with poor rushing, they are one of the top offenses in the NFL and they are playing in the Super Bowl.  

Peyton does not have any problems throwing the ball.  He does not need a lot of time to get his team down the field to score a touchdown.  If there is time on the clock, there is a possibility that he can score.  That's the scary part for the Saints.

Here are the players that will most likely start or play a major role in the game.  You can go back to Offense Controls the Game to review the responsibilities of the players on offense.   
Peyton Manning (#18) - Only four-time MVP in NFL history.  Throwing is in his blood.  His dad, Archie Manning, was a star quarterback for the Saints. (Yes, he grew up in New Orleans cheering for the Saints.)  Still confuses everyone calling plays at the line without a huddle.  He is known for studying teams and he has had two weeks to just focus on the Saints.  


Jeff Saturday, (#63) - One of the best centers in the league.  

Guards and Tackles - The reason Peyton was only sacked 13 times this season.

Ryan Lilja (#65)  - Left Guard
Kyle DeVan (66) - Right Guard
Charlie Johnson (#74) - Left Tackle
Ryan Diem (#71) - Right Tackle

Wide Receivers

Reggie Wayne, WR (87) - He is a super fast veteran and dependable catcher.   6 of his 9 seasons in the NFL he has had 1,000 or more yards.  Another Colts from New Orleans. 

Pierre Garcon, WR (85) - Coming off of a great playoff performance with 16 receptions and a touchdown.

Austin Collie, WR (17) - Great rookie season.  Tied for the most catches among rookies at 60.  He also got 7 touchdowns.  Peyton loves to develop young receivers and Collie is developing into a star. 

Running Backs

Joseph Addai, RB (#29) - Decent runner who can catch the ball.  His game improved during the season, but he only averaged 3.8 yards per run in the playoffs. 

Tight End
Dallas Clark (#44) - Peyton's fourth pass threat.  Strong and catches well.  He is one of only two Tight Ends with 100 receptions in a season.

The Colts' passing game will be extremely difficult to stop.  Tomorrow we will look at the men who are going to try on Sunday.


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